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The information provided will remain confidential to satisfaction of that stated purpose only. Your prompt response is crucial and greatly appreciated. Project Owner/Management Agent Return Form To Employee Name Job Title Presently Employed Yes Current Wages/Salary hourly weekly Date First Employed bi-weekly check one semi-monthly per hour Shift Differential Rate monthly yearly Last Day of Employment other Year-to-date earnings from // through // Average of regular hours per week...
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Who needs the Employment Verification Form?

The Federal and State Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Laws require the project owners to certify tenant incomes on an annual basis in conformance with IRS regulation §1.42-5(c)(3) provided that the project is not a 100 percent (100%) tax credit property exempted under IRC Section 142(d)(3)(A). Owners of a 100% tax credit property have to perform a first annual income recertification in addition to the initial move-in certification. After initial move-in certification and first annual recertification, owners of 100% tax credit properties may discontinue obtaining income verifications.

To comply with the aforesaid requirement, the project owner requests an applicant’s or tenant’s employer to complete the employment verification form.

What is the purpose of the Employment Verification Form?

The purpose of the form is to verify income of an applicant/tenant of a housing program.

Does the Employment Verification Form have a validity period?

The form’s validity period is 12 months.

What information should be provided?

The form consists of two sections. The project owner or management agent completes the first section; the tenant signs it thus authorising release of his employment information. Having completed the first section, the owner or manager sends the form to the tenant’s employer.

The employer completes the second section providing the following information:

- employee’s name;

- job title;

- current wages/salary;

- average number of regular hours per week;

- average of overtime hours per week;

- overtime rate;

- average number of shift differential hours per week;

- shift differential rate;

- commissions, bonuses, tips;

- anticipated change in the employee’s rate of pay within next 12 months;

- employer’s name, address, phone, fax and e-mail.

Where do I send the Employment Verification Form?

The employer returns the form to the project owner or management agent.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing employment verification form
Instructions and Help about income verification letter form
This is Andi Cruz and this video is an instructional video on how to complete the request for verification of employment you'll also hear us use the acronym vo e which is simply just short for verification of employment on the sheet you will see several parts that are highlighted direct your attention to part two of this form where it says verification of present employment first of all it's important to note that the employer must complete all parts of this form legibly please review all of the highlighted areas under part two number nine says applicants date of employment number 10 their present position number 11 the probability of continued employment 12 is the current gross base pay whether its annual monthly weekly hourly or some other type of pay but we must be specific section 14 number 14 if overtime or bonus is applicable is it is its continuance likely this is so that if you are can receiving income of that manner we can ascertain whether or not it should be included in the underwriters decision number 15 if paid hourly note the average hours per week 16 date of applicant applicants next pay increase if it's known 17 projected amount of next pay increase if it's known 18 date of applicants last pay increase and 19 amount of last pay increase specifically for 16 and 17 because it's asking a futuristic question if the answer is unknown you can write in that form unknown number 20 any remarks if the employee was off work for any length of time indicate the time to period and also the reason this is to cover any gaps of employment that we might need to explain to underwriting which may show up in either pay stubs or in w-2s or in an increase or decrease of income that's been reported on your federal tax return at the bottom please have the employer sign the form include their title print their name put a and line telephone number where they can be reached and also date the form it is very important that this bottom part is completed and the person who fills out this form signs off on this form in the event that underwriting needs to contact them directly for further clarification on the information provided in part two if your company uses the service called wwl work number comm we will need the salariki and the company code in order to retrieve your verification of employment if you have any questions just give us a call
What is employment verification form?
An employment verification letter, also known as a 'proof of employment letter', is a form that verifies the income or salary earned by an employed individual. This type of verification letter is commonly used when someone seeks housing or is applying for a mortgage.